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Web-design portfolio


Yuby is a free app designed to help your child learn how to manage money. This hybrid mobile app is available on iOS and Android, and supports all form factors. I worked on the original prototypes and user research, and was the lead developer for implementation. I also got do the sound effects.

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iLit District Reporting

Designed and developed an interactive web application to provide detailed data visualization on all aspects of student progress in an iPad-based program to inspire literacy in at-risk students.

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A Web property that will make a real environmental impact by encouraging ride sharing nationwide.
-Inc. Magazine

I worked closely with user experience and visual designers on an enterprise level Drupal CMS. I migrated their blog from Wordpress and seamlessly integrated their back-end ride matching application into the site.

Calumet Lens Showcase

I did all the front-end and back-end development for this site. This was an educational site to inform novice photographers about how select a lens. The site includes an interactive lens simulator that was written entirely in HTML5 and Javascript. It also provides a decision tool that ingests Calumet's complete lens catalogue.

Live Mexico

I was responsible for end-to-end development, including database design and creating the system accepting and managing user-generated content. As the community responded, I was pleased to see continued growth of the site.

Regency Lighting

I built a full website from concept to completion while working closely with designers.

I Fight Cancer

Canadian Cancer Association microsite
I designed email stationery, icon set, and page-wrapper. Microsite design includes multiple mockups as well as a Flash slide show.

Intel Sales Briefcase

Developed for Somnio Solutions Inc. as an HTML compliant version of a Flash interactive document repository, this is nearly identical to the Flash version and is fully integrated with the XML data source.

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Kathryne June

artist’s portfolio
I wrote the image viewer from scratch in Flash AS3, designed the site and its interface.

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This is a PHP based tool I developed for Bazaarvoice to automate email template development, saving the company hundreds of man hours.

Platinum Life

In this social networking game, I built the Battle, Artists, and Character sections, as well as the back-end for the Dressing Room section.

Educare Centers

This is a Drupal site created for a non-profit. I designed the user interface, developed site architecture, created a style guide, and built an intranet site with document repository, photo gallery, and forums.