Web Development Resources

These are materials for an informal class that I am teaching in web development.

  • w3schools
    This organization is the primary authority on internet standards. This is the best starting place for learning web development. I recomend the first four html tutorials:
    Learn HTML
    Learn HTML5
    Learn CSS
    Learn CSS3
  • CSS Interitance
    This article explains some of the nuance of CSS inheritance.
  • Web Safe Cheat Sheet
    This is a nice little infographic listing the fonts that are available for use with CSS.
  • CSS Typography Reference Sheet
  • GitHub Bootcamp
    Git is the most widely used DVCS (distributed version control system) available today. It’s a way to backup and track changes to your code and share them with others. Version control is always a little confusing and scary at first, but it will simplify the ways you work and make you more confident and successful.
  •  NetBeans
    This is my favorite IDE (fancy text editor). For my class you only need the PHP version. It’s all free, and it runs on pretty much everything.
  • Filezilla
    This is another free program you should have. I try to avoid using FTP for deployment these days, but sometimes this can be indispensable.
  • HTML 5 Boilerplate
    “A rock-solid default for HTML5 awesome.”  This site has lots of great ideas and best practices for web-developers.
  • jQuery 
    jQuery is probably the most widely used Javascript framework and a good place to start with Javascript programing.
  • PHP
    This is what what we’ll be using for back-end programming. This site has excellent documentation.
  • LESS
    This is a more advanced version of CSS. Skip past the grey part and just read the blue part.

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